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About Us

We originally started Yay! FSA with a few simple goals in mind:

  1. To reduce the amount of FSA funds that go unspent every year due to the over-complicated and often unclear product eligibility guidelines.
  2. To give people the option to spend their money on products they can actually be excited about, and from brands they can feel good about supporting. 

    With these goals in mind we spent the next few months developing a steadfast system of checks and balances that we would eventually use to validate every product that gets added to our collection. 

    As we navigated through the product research phase, we began to realize a somewhat common theme in the brands we were targeting: nearly all were small businesses.  This important discovery added even more purpose to our mission, and ultimately solidified our statement:

    Our mission is to simplify the process of spending FSA funds by offering a curated collection of eligible products, while providing our customers a way to:

    1. Save the time and hassle of having to determine eligibility themselves
    2. Support socially good and eco-friendly brands
    3. Support small business

     Yay! We're glad you're here.


    -The Yay! FSA Team